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About Us

About Me.

Hello there. I bring 7 years of counselling experience to the table. I have also worked in the college school system as an instructor in BC and have helped develop curriculum for a counselling diploma program in BC. My experience and knowledge blends together to give me the proper expertise to help you on the healing journey that you are on. In addition I also speak both English and Punjabi.


I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Criminology in Burnaby at Simon Fraser University and later went on to complete my Masters of Social Work at the University of New England in USA in the year of 2016. I have been providing counselling ever since. I am also a RSW with the BC College of Social Workers.  



I was born in the quaint saw mill town of Mackenzie BC. A few years later my parents moved to Surrey, BC where I would grow up and attend elementary school, high school and later university.  


I work with different approaches. However my principle values are being non-judgmental, empathetic, and patient as you navigate the counselling journey that unfolds ahead of you. I understand that the journey towards healing is not linear, and serve as your guide as you navigate the ups and downs in your healing journey. 


In our sessions I welcome discussions on instances where you may have been discriminated against. Situations where we endure discrimination can leave a heavy imprint on us, and lead us to not want to connect to other individuals for the fear of being discriminated and treated unjustly once again. I also understand how discrimination due to sexism, racism, ableism, sexuality, ethnicity, and etc can form as barriers wether its in the workplace or in other spaces and places.

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Masters in Social Work
University of New England
Maine, USA

Bachelor of Arts
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC

BC College of Social Workers




  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • trauma informed
  • motivational interviewing

my approach

My counselling approach is one that recognizes that each individual is unique in their lived experience and their childhood histories. In addition each individuals preference for a certain approach is different. 

I work with different therapies, and utilize an approach that is fitting for your situation. I view therapy as a collaborative process, so your opinion on how you want to go about your therapy is vitally important. 

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