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Coping with a breakup

Depending on your attachment style, and trauma history you may find it difficult to cope with the end of a relationship. Add in the fact that as human beings we are wired for connection for survival, in fact our ancestors depended on it. So what happens when there is a threat of a breakdown of a relationship? Our sympathetic nervous system kicks into high gear, triggering the release of cortisol the stress hormone and adrenaline. When a threat to our survival - in this case the breakdown of a relationship - happens what occurs is the amygdala part of the brain activates the flight, fight, or freeze response for safety, security and overall survival. In addition when we are rejected our brain triggers the same neural circuits that process real physical pain.

So when you are experiencing a break up - you are going through very real pain. 


Let me help you bring the parasympathetic system online to reduce sympathetic activity to make you less tense. Let me be there to listen to you as you navigate very real physical pain. 

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